Portable Bullet Traps

Range Systems line of Portable Bullet Traps are the ultimate in safety and durability.  These products are made with the finest AR steel while incorporating our proprietary ballistic rubber. Together, they defeat the round, contain virtually all of the lead dust and eliminate ricochet and back splatter.

Options for any situation

Customers have different needs for their various training options.  At Range Systems, we have put together a full line of traps to suit all of those needs. We have many sizes and surface areas available.  Traps just large enough to put a target on, to full size mobile walls.  Additionally, we have designs that can take any and all calibers up to a .50 bmg.  Safety and versatility of these traps is unparalleled.  Customers can be used at any distance up to and including point blank range.

Humble Beginnings

Over 20 years ago, Range Systems developed our ballistic rubber formula for the US Military Special Forces.  Since then, it has become the standard for Shoot Houses all across the world.  Customers today can purchase these military grade products for their own training needs.  Our Portable Bullet Traps are perfect for competition shoots, close retention training, room clearing and more.

***Ballistic rubber alone does not stop or defeat rounds and must be used with appropriate steel plate backing.

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