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SKU: TP5052

  • Portable Bullet Trap
  • 24″ x 48″ Shooting Surface
  • No Ricochet or Back-splatter
  • Air Gap Design
  • Collection Trays Allow for Lead Recovery
  • Rated for pistol rounds, 5.56 SRTA/SS109/M193 and7.62/M80/M59/150g ball ammo
  • Small Footprint

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Our Lead Recovery Trap is made with the Range Systems signature ballistic rubber products. As a result, it is designed to capture rounds without the hazards of ricochet or splatter. Our bullet traps utilize our proprietary Dura-Bloc™ and Dura-Panel™ and are made with the finest AR500 steel in the industry to provide the best in bullet containment and safety. The design of these portable traps allow for close quarter training up to and including point blank range.

Lead Recovery

Range Systems has developed this bullet containment solution to meet today’s training needs and environmental challenges. The Lead Recovery Portable Bullet Trap by Range Systems employs an air-gap design that captures rounds without ricochet or back-splatter. Consequently, this allows the spent bullets to be recovered for proper handling. Range Systems patented Dura-Panel™ ballistic rubber is layered with a polymer panel to create a self-healing membrane that covers the front of the bullet trap. Rounds pass through the membrane, strike the AR500 steel back impact plate and are captured in lead collection trays. The side-mounted lead collection trays allow for easy access to the spent rounds for removal and proper disposal.

Range Systems commitment to provide robust and sustainable bullet containment systems ensure our customers receive innovative systems that are unsurpassed in safety, quality, and ballistic performance. As a result, we developed he Lead Recovery Trap. See our full line of portable bullet traps to find the one that best suits your needs.

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Weight 750 lbs

Portable Lead Recovery Traps

1 review for Lead Recovery Bullet Trap (LRT)

  1. Lt. Smith

    Used this inside a school for our active shooter program development. Worked as we thought it would with handguns and rifles.

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