Ballistic Rubber

Range Systems, Inc. was founded on a manufacturing process we developed and patented for ballistic rubber. Dura-Bloc™ and Dura-Panel™, as they are known, are formulated from recycled rubber and our exclusive binding composition.  Due to this, these products are chosen more often than any other for their ballistic properties and durability.

Trusted by US Special Forces

Since Range Systems ballistic rubber has been tested and approved for its capabilities and performance by third parties, it has received the coveted NSN designation.  The testing was performed by the US Army Picatinny Arsenal, US Test Lab (Wichita, KS), in addition to the R&D Unit for Materials and Equipment for the US Army, SOCCOM Element, Fort Bragg, NC.  Due to this, Range Systems ballistic rubber products have set the standard for range safety, sustainability and durability.

Low Cost of Ownership

Shooting Ranges require a high level of maintenance to ensure ballistic integrity and safety. Using Dura-Panel products is a great low maintenance option for your wall and ceiling coverings.  Designed to stop and capture rounds, virtually eliminating any ricochet, back splatter or re-direct. This design not only prevents rounds from bouncing around down range, but also saves on ventilation costs by reducing airborne dust particles.

***Ballistic rubber alone is not designed to stop or defeat rounds and must be used with appropriate steel plate backing.

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