Bullet Containment

Range Systems offers a wide variety of bullet containment solutions.  Our ballistic rubber, which is a component in all of our containment options, is the ultimate bullet stop material. Whether you need Portable Bullet Traps, Gun Clearing Traps or ballistic rubber we have options that are as versatile as they are safe.

What goes in, doesn’t come out!

Customers find the design is simple, yet effective.  Bullet fragments are captured when fired into our containment systems, which is true even at close range. Stay safe due to the ballistic rubber ricochet eliminating properties.

Not all rubber is created equal

Our ballistic rubber makes the Range Systems line of bullet containment products different. Customers will find this is the perfect answer for a variety of needs.  Trainers use these for close quarter and close retention drills, as well as a safe bullet trap.  The clearing traps are perfect for a safe place to discharge or clear a weapon and function testing.

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