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Different ranges have different approaches when it comes to their range equipment and systems. With this in mind, Range Systems brings you a full line of training products and systems to accommodate all types of firearms training.


One of the most important elements in a shooting range or training center is the bullet trap. The type of bullet trap design you choose is determined largely by:

  • Air Quality
  • Lead Management
  • Sound Reduction 
  • Cost and ease of installation
  • Space (footprint)
  • Up front cost
  • Cost of ownership and maintenance
  • Type of shooting activity in your facility
  • Safety


Encapsulator™ Gran-Trap

Encapsulator™ Gran-Trap utilizes a thick layer of granulated rubber material to safely capture bullets intact with virtually no lead dust or bullet fragmentation while reducing impact noise. This makes for a cleaner, safer range and is perfect for those who want to recover and recycle spent rounds.

  • Saves on HEPA Filters
  • Safe at Close Distance
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Noise Reduction
  • Low Up Front Cost
  • High Volume

Ideal for tactical ranges, this trap allows shooters to advance downrange and engage targets at extremely close distances with no concern of bullet splatter. The granular rubber bullet trap is a high volume trap for indoor range as well as outdoor ranges. Compared to other bullet trap designs, the granular trap is easy to install, low cost and has a very low cost of ownership.

Encapsulator Gran-Trap Data Sheet

Encapsulator™ Bloc-Trap

Our customers have found Range Systems Encapsulator™ Bloc-Trap offers the greatest flexibility for smaller tactical ranges and forensic lab ranges because of its ballistic capacity, small footprint and low maintenance design. The self-healing properties of our ballistic rubber block seals the bullet’s path after the round has penetrated the surface so each bullet is safely captured intact. This eliminates bullet fragmentation and minimizes ricochet hazards and reduces lead dust and impact noise.

Encapsulator™ Bloc-Trap captures thousands of rounds without eroding, deteriorating, or significantly changing the appearance of the trap’s surface. The modular nature of this trap allows for flexibility to fit nearly any situation and location while being easy to install and maintain.

  • Defeats rifle and pistol rounds up to 7.62 & .308
  • Only needs 16″ footprint
  • Carries a National Stock Number
  • Easy to maintain
  • Lowest cost bullet trap on the market

Encapsulator Bloc-Trap Data Sheet

Savage Range Systems Steel Traps

Engineered to have one of the lowest maintenance requirements for any bullet trap. This results in lower operating costs and maximizes range availability for training and revenue generation. Savage Range Systems’ bullet trap offer lower operating costs, greater recycling income, ease of operation, less down-time, longevity and ability to sustain high volume of fire.

  • Low Angle Entrance Ramps
  • Circular Deceleration Chamber
  • Can be Fired into at ‘point blank’ range
  • Safe cross range firing
  • Big Mouth Option
  • Automatic Bullet Recovery System available on all models
  • Biodegradable Lubricant encapsulates lead particles generated in the deceleration chamber (Wet Traps Only)
  • Air Barrier System Option (Dry Traps Only)
  • Traps available to handle everything from rimfire to full auto 50 BMG

Steel Trap Data Sheet


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