Building the safest shooting range environments available for law enforcement agencies everywhere.

Today more than ever, range masters and training officers need solutions that are cost-efficient, safe and provide officers with the skills they need to survive. The realistic and dynamic live-fire training environments from Range Systems are designed to maximize your training flexibility. From lateral and oblique movement to 360° firing, Range Systems provides your officers the most realistic training in the safest range environment available.

The shooting activity of a firing range can vary from basic marksmanship shooting to sophisticated tactical operations training. Whether you are planning a range with a static firing line or one that provides a dynamic move and shoot training environment, our equipment and systems support both types of shooting ranges.

Our inclusive product line has everything required to equip a live-fire firearms facility, including several models of bullet traps, a full complement of ballistic baffles and acoustic systems, shooting dividers and target retrieval systems.

Glendale training scenario
Shoot Houses
Acoustic & Ballistic Systems
Target Retrieval Systems
Bullet Traps
Shooting Dividers


At Range Systems, we understand that every project is unique. Each customer has different areas of emphasis that require special designs to support those needs. Our expertise is being able to tailor our solutions to meet your goals. Contact us with any needs you have to see how we can help.

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