More and more people are building homes with spaces that are purpose built for a personal shooting range. Range Systems has a product line specifically designed to fit into virtually any space. Working with our design team, you too can realize the dream of having your own personal shooting range in your home.

Home Shooting Range

In home shooting ranges are becoming a very popular alternative for folks who are building new homes with a purpose-built space set up for this type of activity.

Some people enjoy the sport courts, pools, man cave’s etc. for their entertainment area, but today more folks are opting to have their own unique entertaining area like a shooting range.


At Range Systems, we have product designs that are perfectly suited for spaces of all shapes and sizes while still creating a safe environment. It is because of these offerings that people are turning to us to help them realize their dream of having their own private range.

Feeding Your Passion

You just got your new sights for your favorite firearm! You grab all your gear, race over to the nearest range across town, go to check in and are told there is a 45-minute wait! All you want to do is try out your new toy. See how it looks, how it feels, and of course how accurate it is.

Now, image getting your new sights on your gun. You don’t need to grab any gear or ammo, heck you don’t even need to get dressed if you don’t want to. You walk downstairs of your home, turn on the lights, slap the magazine in and you are shooting!

Glendale training scenario
Acoustic & Ballistic Systems
Target Retrieval Systems
Bullet Traps
Shooting Dividers
Bullet Traps

Primary Considerations

First, when looking at putting a range in your home, you must consider what is needed to create a safe environment. Considerations include:

  • Safe Bullet Trap
  • Round Escape Protection
  • Sound Reduction
  • Ventilation

Many of these things vary based on the space that you have to work with and of course the structure itself. Contact a Range
Systems designer to help you determine what is needed for creating that safe space. Once you have considered the safety aspects, now it’s on to the fun stuff……the bells and whistles!


Additional Equipment

You have your space determined and now know what requirements you need to ensure safety. Many of you will now want to take simply a space you can shoot in and transform it into a place that is a showpiece range. There are equipment options that can take this to the next level. Some of these options include Target Retrieval Systems, Shooting Lane Dividers, Tactical Sidewalls, and other Range Accessories.

Holster draw downrange


At Range Systems, we understand that every project is unique. Each customer has different areas of emphasis that require special design to support those needs. Our expertise is being able to tailor our solutions to meet your goals. Contact us with any needs you may have to see how we can help.

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