Designing, manufacturing and installing the most innovative and versatile firearms training environments available.

We started as a small a veteran-owned company. But we were fueled by a big desire to provide safe live fire training environments for our country’s military and law enforcement agencies. To address this need, we pioneered and patented the first ballistic rubber encapsulation system that was field-proven to be the safest, most cost-effective solution for containing bullets, reducing the hazards of splatter and ricochet, and minimizing airborne contaminants in the industry.

From there, we partnered with the US Army Special Operations Command (USASOC) to develop innovative designs to meet the ever-changing training requirements. Our solutions soon became the new training standard for the USASOC. Our reach soon extended to include innovative shoot houses. We partnered with the US Army 7th ATC Grafenwoehr to design and build what would be the foundation for SMASHTM — the first modular and expandable shoot house that meets the military’s need for deployable, non-permanent live fire training structures.

Today, through hard work and that same drive, we have earned a reputation for providing solutions that are unsurpassed in safety, quality and ballistic performance. We have also expanded our offerings and now provide innovative shooting environments and products to home and commercial range owners as well as law enforcement and military organizations.

Range Systems Inc. was founded as a result of the need for safe live fire training environments for our country’s military and law enforcement agencies. To address this need, we developed and patented a manufacturing process for creating the most effective ballistic rubber in the industry.


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At Range Systems, we understand that every project is unique. Each customer has different areas of emphasis that require special design to support those needs. Our expertise is being able to tailor our solutions to meet your goals. Contact us with any needs you may have to see how we can help.

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