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Turnkey solutions for commercial and recreational shooting range owners.

Range Systems can help you build the right range for your needs. Engineered with our proprietary state-of-the-art ballistic rubber and always designed with your exact firing and tactical training needs in mind, we can help you design and build a commercial range that caters to casual shooters as well as customers seeking more advanced tactical training.


To simplify, there are only a handful of necessary components to create a safe range environment.

Lane Dividers

Organize the firing line into defined shooting positions


Safety Ceiling

Overhead protection for the firing line 


Overhead Ballistic Protection (Baffles)

Contains errant rounds inside the shooting range 


Bullet Trap

Safety captures rounds behind the target 


Target Retrieval System

Provide a convenient and safe way to place targets downrange


Sidewall Protection

Eliminate ricochets and back splatter by encapsulating the rounds




Our goal is to build lifelong partnerships and we’re the leader in repeat business, delivering a quality product from start to finish. As your trusted partner, we have the experience, equipment and vision to execute your project safely and successfully. Perhaps that’s why many of our customers call on us again and again to partner with them on their growth needs.

The SIG SAUER Academy Shooting Center is a state-of-the-art, public indoor shooting range. Featuring the latest in live-fire training aids, the SIG SAUER Academy Shooting Center is one of the most advanced indoor shooting facilities in the country. Open to the public, customers can train with their personal firearms or test the latest SIG firearms, ammunition, and optics.

Range Systems is honored to be the shooting range equipment provider that brought their vision to life. 

Range USA offers a premier range and gun shop experience. Every location offers a minimum of 20 shooting lanes pistol and rifle rated at 25 yd target distances. Their goal is to make sure every customer feels more confident about their firearm knowledge and handling when they leave the store. 

Their commitment to making every customer feel welcome and treating them right has accelerated their growth into 13 states and 48 locations as of the start of 2023 with more stores being added each year. Range Systems is proud to be Range USA’s range equipment partner for all 48 current locations and into the future.  

Midwest Shooting Centers offer state of the art indoor shooting designed to accommodate the full spectrum of firearms enthusiasts. Our Lima Ohio flagship facility includes 24 – 25 yard pistol/rifle lanes and 4 – 100 yard rifle lanes and a new Tactical Range for dynamic “shoot and move” training not offered by other facilities. Other services include comprehensive membership programs including members-only access lounge and entertaining areas. Extensive fleet of rental firearms is available including many unique, suppressed firearms and machine guns not typically available for public use. Additional amenities includes firearms trainings for both novice and experienced shooters, a must see if the Midwest Shooting Centers dynamic training arena where patrons will be allowed to fire non-lethal ammunition through real firearms at their opposition as Range Safety Officers monitor them in a safe and controlled environment.

Range Systems is proud to be Midwest Shooting Center’s range equipment partner for all 8 current locations and into the future.  

Range Systems is trusted by industry leading commercial ranges and we have the experience, equipment and vision to execute your project safely and successfully.  

Take a look at some of our recently completed commercial ranges. 


Planning a shooting range facility is a significant undertaking and the requirements demanded by the activity of live-fire shooting are unique and require careful planning. We take pride in helping our customers evaluate the needs, cost considerations, and ballistic specialties for their project to ensure the design and equipment meets their specifications and is on budget.


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