Range Systems designs and manufactures training systems and equipment for live-fire shooting environments. We work with our channel partners to deliver dynamic and realistic live-fire training solutions for customers around the world.

Realistic Training

Range Systems designs and manufactures systems and equipment to meet evolving firearms training requirements, by carefully assessing current military and industry firearm standards and ammunition capabilities when developing new systems or product enhancements.


We have developed long-term relationships with our channel partners, working on multiple projects to create synergy and trust in executing and completing projects.

Working together as a team allows us to provide the best value technical solution that meets the intent of the customer while staying within budget and on schedule and providing a positive experience as well as a successful project.

Globally we have teamed with industry leaders in manufacturing, integration, and training to deliver relevant and complete live-fire training solutions for customers around the world. Range Systems equipment and systems conform to different environments, infrastructures, and operational procedures.

Our experienced staff welcomes the opportunity to work with you. We understand the importance of meeting deadlines and are committed to fostering an integrated team focus with our customers to ensure successful project execution and delivery.

Glendale training scenario


At Range Systems, we understand that every project is unique. Each customer has different areas of emphasis that require special design to support those needs. Our expertise is being able to tailor our solutions to meet your goals. Contact us with any needs you may have to see how we can help.

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