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SKU: TP5028

Dura-Panel™ ballistic rubber shields front of base and casters from errant shots. Full Frontal Shield can be added to the following bullet traps:

  • Portable 2.5D Encapsulator™ Bloc Trap
  • Portable Encapsulator™ 5-Bloc Trap
  • This product weighs 146 lbs.


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Added Protection

Encapsulator Front Shield can be added to our Portable Encapsulator Traps to provide added protection. The front shield covers the frame and casters to prevent ricochet or back splatter in the event of errant rounds. Therefore, less experience shooters can train confidently when using our line of Encapsulator bullet traps.

Made with AR500 steel and our Dura-Panel ballistic rubber, you can be sure that you have the protection you need. For even more protection, look at the options 3-Sided Shield used when engaging the trap at various angles.



Additional information

Weight 158 lbs

Portable Bullet Traps


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