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SKU: TP5018

  • 24″ x 45″ Shooting Area
  • Wt. 700 lbs
  • 3/8″ AR500 Steel
  • 14″ of our proprietary Dura-Bloc™ & Dura-Panel™ ballistic rubber
  • Capable of defeating up to .308 / 7.62 calibers

*The use of tracers or any other incendiary-type round is prohibited.


The Portable 2.5D Encapsulator Trap allows you to safely train for real life, close encounters. The Dura-Bloc™ & Dura-Panel™ ballistic rubber contained in this trap completely contains bullet fragments, even at point blank range to keep you safe while training. This allows for more realistic training including weapon strikes and the use of secondary tools like a knife as well a rifle retention training. The 2.5D version of our popular line of traps is designed to allow the user to train at more acute, 70° angles with out concern of ricochet making itdeal for tactical training scenarios.  The high volume “wall” of rubber blocks is held in place with our proprietary compression system allowing the user to easily maintain and rotate the blocks for years of use.  To train safely and properly for sudden encounters and be prepared to defend yourself, you need the tools that provide versatility while maintaining safety.

  • Made of 3/8″ AR700 steel
  • SImple set up, comes partially assembled
  • Capable up to 7.62 / .308 caliber fire
  •  24″ x 45″ shooting surface
  • Easy to replace rubber

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Weight 710 lbs


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