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SKU: TP5025
Portable Encapsulator™ Bloc Trap with 3-Sided Shield
  • 24″ x 45″ Shooting Area
  • Wt. 1100 lbs
  • 3/8″ AR500 Steel
  • 14″ of our proprietary Dura-Bloc™ & Dura-Panel™ ballistic rubber
  • Capable of defeating up to .308 / 7.62 calibers

*The use of tracers or any other incendiary-type round is prohibited.

*Estimated 10 week lead time from purchase

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The Portable Encapsulator Trap w/3-Sided Shield allows you to safely train for real life, close encounters. The Dura-Bloc™ & Dura-Panel™ ballistic rubber contained in this trap completely contains bullet fragments, even at point blank range to keep you safe while training. This allows for more realistic training including weapon strikes and the use of secondary tools like a knife. It is the perfect tool for close retention training. The 3-sided shield provides additional layers of safety in case of errant rounds.

The “wall” of rubber blocks uses a compression system allowing for easy maintenance for years of use. As equipped, you can shoot nearly 25,000 rounds before replacement blocks are needed. To train safely for sudden encounters and be prepared to defend yourself, you need the tools that provide versatility while maintaining safety. The Portable Encapsulator Trap w/3-Sided Shield adds an extra layer of protection providing piece of mind while training.

Train to Win

Most training tools do not allow shooters to train for real life situations. Whether you are LE or Military or a civilian preparing for dangerous encounters, this is the perfect tool for success. Being able to engage at various angles and distances allow you to train for all situations. Most lethal encounters take place at close distances, not at 25 yards straight ahead. This trap allows you to train for nearly any situation.


Designed for Special Forces, this bullet trap has been used for nearly 20 years by our Military’s elite. Today, in an uncertain world, shooting ranges and enthusiasts alike are taking advantage of the tools available to train to not be a victim. Watch the video to see just how effective this trap can make you if you find yourself in a precarious situation.

Additional information

Weight 1149 lbs


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