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Moving Target (M-145 Renegade)

All-terrain mover. Designed to operate on improved rang sites. Ideal for use on any improved range sites, Hogan’s Alleys, UACs, MOUTs, combat villages, sniper training, unimproved pathways and roadways, and limited undulating terrain. Easy battery replacement for extended run times. Target mounts for military E, F, and IVAN, Manikin Mike 3D and standard law enforcement target backers.

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*To place GSA orders please call (888) 909-8172


Key Features:

• Turns 360° on its own radius for lifelike maneuverability

• Wireless Variable Speed Control

• Standard Effective Range: up to 1000 meters line of sight

• Full Running Man Speeds

• Multi-mission Off-road/rugged terrain operation

• Lightweight all aluminum construction

• Airless tires

• 3D Manikin Mike™ target with stop/stop-drop hit sense mount


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