The CR-2TL is a premium target retrieval system that is cable propelled for reliable positioning and easily operated by touch screen control. 

Range Systems has been an industry-leading solution provider of live fire facilities since 1994. Our team has an extensive history of engineering, fabricating and installing superior performing target retrieval systems worldwide. We have set the standard for range safety, unique capabilities and unmatched ballistic performance within our solutions.
At Range Systems, we understand that every project is unique and requires thoughtful planning and consideration. Through decades of experience our team is ready to work with you in selecting the right target retrieval systems to meet your needs.

Product Overview

Range Systems CR-2TL is a dynamic turning target system designed to improve live fire training through unpredictable, fast-action target

presentations. It can be programmed to randomly edge the target to the left or right and turn in increments up to 360 degrees to present a

complete, unexpected turn at the direction of programmable software. This is a significant change from the standard target retrieval systems

with which users can anticipate target movement.


Key Features

  • Programmable industrial LCD user interface for creating training scenarios, which include turning and edging movements

  • Built with high quality industrial componentry, which assures a long service life with minimum maintenance

  • Sensors prevent the carrier from slamming into the home and end positions, reducing accidents from startling the shooter

  • Cable driven for reliability versus wireless systems that require calibrating, have connection issues, require expensive batteries to maintain and lack reliability in exact target positioning

  • Cable positioning is concealed from the trajectory lines for reduced risk of cable breakage

  • The front of the carrier is protected by a 3/8” AR steel angled plate that deflects errant rounds safely while also protecting internal components

  • An innovative recessed target holder reduces parts exposures to errant rounds and ricochets

  • Target carrier has integrated LED lights mounted behind the front shield that include multiple patterns and colors for various training scenarios

  • Ability to be used up to 100 yard target distances

  • Includes a feature that accelerates the target carrier from 9 fps

    to 12 fps, allowing the target to get to the desired location

    faster, resulting in a more efficient and profitable operation

  • 5 year manufacturer warranty provides proven performance and long term durability

Target Carrier

The target carrier is driven by a pulley assembly that uses a high-strength cable and the front ballistic steel shield protects the carrier and target arm from occasional errant rounds. Regular maintenance ensures the drive is capable is properly tensioned and will greatly enhance overall system performance and reliability. Doing this inspection at regular intervals is highly recommended to ensure the system is operating properly.

Drive Unit

The drive unit is mounted behind the shooter position at the firing line. It provides the power supply and gear-motor for the drive pulley. A vented metal cover protects the drive unit from overheating and collecting debris.

Track System

All the components of the track system are standardized to simplify installation. The galvanized steel structural track assembly bolts together in five (5) foot increments and is suspended from the ceiling with track hangers. Cable positioning is concealed from the trajectory lines for reduced risk of cable breakage. The track sections overlap to provide a stable and straight track for the target carrier and rubber stop bumpers at each end of the track provide a positive stopping point for the target carrier. 

Lane Control

Each target lane has its own 7” color touch screen

control that is intuitive to use. The versatile lane

control comes preloaded with twenty preset training

programs that provide a variety of scenarios for

handgun and rifle shooting.

The individual lane control can run automated timed

drills, programmed scenarios, random courses of

fire, or simply be manually operated by using the

touchscreen keypad to control the target. If

required, the target turning feature can be blocked

by running the target system in basic mode.


Installation/Technical Service

Although many of our customers install the CR-2TL Target System without our assistance, we recommend utilizing Range Systems experienced technicians to provide supervision and technical services. By relying on our services, we not only optimize the efficiency of the installation but our technicians will instruct your range personnel on operation and maintenance procedures. Proper installation and preventative maintenance promotes sustainability and ensures you receive full utilization of your target retrieval system. 


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