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Pneumatic Turning Target (BQ-90)

Pneumatic live-fire turning target system that is designed for shooting ranges requiring synchronous turning


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Introducing the ATS BQ-90 pneumatic live-fire turning target system that is designed for shooting ranges requiring a very inexpensive, synchronized turning target system for practice targets, basic qualification (BQ), familiarization or competition firearms courses. Utilizing a primary master pneumatic target actuator, each of the secondary slave targets are tied together to the primary target actuator in banks of targets via drive rods, so when the primary actuator turns, each of the targets turn in unison with the master actuator.


  • A low-profile target design for greater protection of target equipment on “open” shooting ranges.
  • Rugged 1-1/2″ diameter air cylinders for greater torque (air power).
  • Dual airflow air fittings for variable speed control.
  • “Quick bolt” steel plates and “quick connect” push-to-connect air fittings for more efficient equipment installations.
  • Individual bank control and master control of all shooting targets at the touch of a button.
  • Twin bearings with grease fittings to ensure smooth, balanced target actuations.
  • Truly simple, economical shooting range target system to purchase, install, operate and maintain.
  • Optional programmable wireless control with standard 600 meter up to 2000 meter range.


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