Range Systems CR-2 Target Retrieval System Target CarrierThe Range Systems CR-2 is a premium target retrieval system that is cable propelled for reliable positioning and easily operated by touch screen control. The CR-2 offers pre-programmed distance settings as well as the ability to manually set desired target stops. The system is built with high quality steel and electrical components to assure a long service life with minimum maintenance. The Master Controller and Local Control modules use touch screen technology to provide instant intuitive control of the system.

The target carrier travels along a rugged steel “I” beam track and its position is tracked using an encoder, which gives reliable and repeatable positioning to within ± 1 inch (2.5cm). The front of the carrier is protected by a 3/8” AR steel angled plate that deflects errant rounds safely while also protecting internal components.

Range Systems CR-2 Target Retrieval System MountIdeally suited for longer distance ranges, the CR-2 target system has an acceleration feature that is triggered anytime the carrier needs to travel over 75 feet to get to its target stop or back to home. The carrier speed jumps from 10 fps to 15 fps which allows the target movement to be much faster, providing a more enjoyable experience for the user, and more efficient lane time. The CR-2 target system will function well even in ranges requiring up to 100 yard target distances.

An optional lighting feature is available to provide task lighting at the firing line. An LED light bar installed on the drive unit offers three intensities of white light in the shooting stall. The settings are displayed and selected from the local control screen. CR-2 Target Systems PDF

CR-2 Target Retrieval Individual Lane Control

Range Systems CR-2 Target Retrieval System Individual Lane ControlEach target lane has its own 7” TFT touch screen lane control that is easy to use. Operation is accomplished by simply pressing the pre-set distance keys to move the target. The main control screen contains 6 pre-set target positions, Home and Max Distance buttons, two jog buttons (plus and minus), and displays the position of the target carrier. The user can select the unit of measure they want to operate the lane in from feet, yards, or meters. A popup keypad on the touch screen allows the user to enter the distance and unit of measure.

If the wrong distance is pressed accidentally the user can stop the move by pressing the “Stop Move” button. If the “Stop Move” button is pressed the button will change to read “Move Stopped” and will start flashing. The button has to be pressed again before another move can be made.

The touch screen lane control offers several unique capabilities that are designed for commercial or public shooting range use. One of these features is the shooter must acknowledge the range rules before gaining access to the main control screen. This allows the owner to set their range safety rules and policies and ensures that the user agrees to the terms and conditions by their acceptance.

The lane control screen also contains an “Assistance” button which engages a call light on the drive unit to visually alert the range operator that assistance is required. This allows the shooter to maintain their position in the lane while waiting for assistance, minimizing movement behind the firing line and enhancing range safety. In addition, the lane control will display any fault or alarms to alert the user of an issue with the system.

CR-2 Target Retrieval Master Range Control

Range Systems CR-2 Target Retrieval System Master Range ControlThe CR-2 target retrieval system can be used as a stand-alone system controlled with a local lane control or can be networked together and controlled with a master control to form an integrated target retrieval system. The Master Control has an 8” color touch screen and can operate up to 40 target lanes simultaneously or a select group. By simply pressing the lane number on the control screen, the lane will be in Master Control and the local control in the lane will be inactive. To deselect lanes from Master Range Control, the operator presses the lane number and it will go back to local control. In addition, the color screen provides a visual when a lane is engaged or disengaged from Master Control.

Another distinctive attribute of the CR-2 target system is a lane timing element that is available through the Master Range Controller. This is a valuable feature for the commercial or public range as it eliminates the need for a separate range timer, automatically manages lane time, and allows the shooter to know of their available time.

When the lane timer is activated at the Master Range Control, the timer starts when the customer “Agrees” to the terms and conditions that are displayed on the local control screen. As the time elapses, the user will receive two warnings - one at 5 minutes and the other at 2 minutes. When their allotted time has expired, the target carrier will return to the home position and the local control will shut down. The Master Range Control screen provides the range operator with a display showing which lanes are active and the time remaining on each lane.