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Sniper Target (ST-71)

Portable, long distance, reactive steel, auto-reset sniper target.




Excellent marksmanship is crucial for your tactical team. That is why ATS Targets created the Long-Distance Sniper Target (ST-71). Firstly, the ST-71 is compact so that you can transport it wherever you go. Secondly, this sniper target goes the distance so that you can customize any range to suit your needs. Also, it comes with a reactive steel target. Fourthly, the ST-71 presents an auto-reset feature.


  • Low-cost, any-distance target
  • Portability, so it can be carried by a single person
  • Lightweight (40 lbs.); small “footprint” (6″ H x 6″ W x 26″ L).
  • 3/8-in. AR500 ballistic steel silhouette target (12-in. W by 18-in H by 3/8-in.)
  • Now with 3/8-in. steel barrier to protect the lifter (14-in. W by 7 1/2-in. H by 3/8-in.)
  • Auto-reset feature standard. Target resets itself automatically 5 seconds after each hit
  • Built-in power supply; no external wire
  • Simple operation; once the switch is turned on, the unit instantly becomes operational
  • Optional silhouette or lollipop-style targets. Also, other shapes are available upon request


For your convenience, the ST-71 is under GSA Contract 


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