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Pneumatic Turning Target (FLEXI-90)

FLEXI-90 pneumatic 90 degree turning target system with independent target control.


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Introducing the FLEXI-90 pneumatic target system for combined qualification & tactical firearms training. This system can show face or edge, creating dynamic and stressful target practice. It can be used simply for qualification but can also be used to train for stressful real-life situations as it can be programmed to perform new, dynamic, and stressful cycles. The FLEXI 90 pneumatic target system allows individual control of each target position. Each target has its own pneumatic cylinder which operates independently of the other targets. This means the Rangemaster can program each target to turn independently at different face times and different delay times, providing precision target control either by using independent manual switching devices, solid state timing or computer control. Targets may be sequenced individually, in series, or simultaneously at the touch of a single button


  • Three target configurations built into one target mechanism.
  • Two different target systems (tactical and qualification) built into the same piece of target equipment.
  • All steel pedestal stands with angled steel deflection plates for built in bullet protection of equipment.
  • Secondary back splatter control against misdirected rounds.
  • Heavy duty, industrial grade pneumatic components including dual air flow speed controls and quick connect push-to-connect air fittings for reliable field performance every time.
  • All weather construction designed for operation in high humidity, wet environments; temperature insensitive to heat and snow; down range electronics protected by waterproof, gasketed steel enclosures.
  • Programmable control of EACH TARGET position utilizing either your computer or ours.
  • Choice of permanent, semi-permanent or portable installation configurations.
  • Optional wireless control system with standard 600 meter up to 2000 meter range.


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