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Electric Turning Target (FLEXI-E)

The FLEXI-E Electric Turning Target system is a fully programmable and hit-reactive system for qualification and scenario-based (threat/non-threat) firearms training.


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ATS Targets pioneered threat/non-threat training target systems with the development of the Duel-A-Tron and has continued to set the bar for use-of-force decision making. That is why we created FLEXI-E Turning Targets. Built on the industry-leading FLEXI foundation, the FLEXI-E Turning Targets utilizes ATS Targets’ robust electronics technology. Consequently, this creates a fully programmable, hit reactive, full-radius turning target system. Also, this enables full threat/non-threat turning capability and hit scoring in one platform. Our FLEXI-E Turning Targets features an all-weather, all-steel, all-American construction fully electric turning target system. This system comes standard with 120VAC voltage. At the same time, it even has an optional integrated battery backup for uninterrupted training.


  • Battery power or 120V AC
  • Standard 600-meter, with an optional 2,000-meter wireless range
  • Friend/Edge/Foe
  • Full Radius turning capability
  • Hit-reactive, counting/scoring
  • Fully programmable
  • Reacts to all simulated munitions and airsoft


This system integrates with any of the ATS Targets’ controller options, varying from a simple handheld to an Android© or Windows© tablet to a range control computer system. In addition, you may utilize each of these systems with the easy-to-use, UTC Software.


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