Target Systems

Different ranges have different approaches when it comes to their range equipment and systems. With this in mind, Range Systems brings you a full line of training products and systems to accommodate all types of firearms training.

Determining the right target system for you

During the range design process, once you have determined your containment system, you now have to select the type of target systems you want. We have a wide variety of products to suit all of your needs including the only ground mounted wireless system on the market.

Our Target Systems Lineup


Challenger Target Pop-Up Target System

The Challenger Target Pop-Up Target System is a safe and practical way to have reactive target training indoors without the risk of ricochet and splatter. It is so simple that no batteries or electricity are required to operate it. With this system, you’re able to set up an endless array of shooting scenarios in minutes creating a fun training experience.



Overhead Target Retrieval Systems

The most common type of target systems you see, particularly for indoor ranges, is an overhead retrieval system. While the features differ in the industry, the basic levels are all the same between the high and low ends of the options. At Range Systems, we have simple overhead retrieval system that is track mounted, toggle switch operated, as well as the more sophisticated wireless systems that allow for pre-programming drills, touch screen operation, flashing lights and other bells and whistles.






CR-2 Target System

CR-2TL Target System