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SKU: TP7004
Challenger Pop-Up Target System

The Challenger Target Pop-Up Target System is a safe and practical way to have reactive target training indoors without the risk of ricochet and splatter. It is so simple that no batteries or electricity are required to operate it. With this system, you’re able to set up an endless array of shooting scenarios in minutes creating a fun training experience. 

Original price was: $8,999.00.Current price is: $8,499.00.


The Challenger is so simple, not batteries or electricity are needed to operate it, which means there are no expensive retro-fits or construction to set it up at your range.

With multiple modes of use: manual, all-up and chain reactor, the Challenger creates a fun experience for trainers and customers alike. It’s so easy that customers can use it by themselves. They simply walk in and hit the green button.

Key Features:

  • Safe for indoor range use
  • Takes your training to the next level
  • Great for leagues
  • 100% pneumatic, no batteries or electric needed (Self supplied CO2 tank) 
  • Multiple modes of use
  • Instructor led or customers use on their own

Range Owner Benefits:

  • Make training fun and exciting
  • Enhance league night offerings
  • Sell more fun, sell more ammo

Shooter Benefits:

  • Improves target acquisition and response time
  • Opportunity to hone decision making skills
  • Creates a fun experience


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