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Running Man System (T-21B Dual)

Running Man System (T-21B Dual)

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At ATS Targets, we recognize that moving target proficiency is part of the standard series of qualification requirements for many agencies, states, cities, and counties. That is why we proudly created the Running Man T-21B (Dual). As a result, it has set the standard for quality and reliability. More than that, the newest generation launched in 2019 adds several great features to an already excellent training aid.

The track-mounted Running Man T-21B (Dual) is primarily for permanent or semi-permanent installation on a concrete pad. On the one hand, it is ideal for moving targets mixed in with static or stationary turning targets. On the other hand, it is also great for a moving target system between building facades (e.g., in a Hogan’s Alley. The T-21B operates one or two moving targets independently in different directions, at different speeds, and at the same time on an “”I”” beam track. In addition, you may gang targets into pairs, as shown here.

  • Targets operate independently in either forward or reverse at variable speeds or attack-retreat modes via remote control
  • Operates on 12 VDC automotive-style batteries for use in remote locations.


Additional options include:

  • Wireless radio system with a range up to 600 meters
  • Cable run from walls, posts, or trees instead of ground-mounted rail (Reference T-21C/D)
  • Ganged target pair. Each target rail side can have either one or two ganged targets
  • All stainless-steel construction for the harshest environments.


For your convenience, the T-21B is under GSA contract.


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