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Moving Target (MT-78 Rough Rider)

ATS Go anywhere/train anywhere ruggedized MT-74 all wheel drive moving target system.

Call for Price


Introducing the ATS Go anywhere/train anywhere all-wheel-drive ruggedized MT-78 Moving Target system. The MT-78 Moving Target was designed for heavy duty off-road backcountry training.


  • Fully armored
  • Turns 360° on its own radius.
  • Wireless Variable Speed Control
  • Maximum Effective Range: up to 1000 meters line of sight.
  • Wireless free-wheeling or track mounted (for repetitive courses) target control.
  • Runs straight line courses at speeds up to 15 feet/second.
  • 13″ Aggressive tires for added ground clearance
  • Variable forward, pause, and reverse speed control.
  • A true multi-mission, off-road platform.
  • Portable; weighs 87 lbs.
  • Low profile 31″ x 26″ x 10″ footprint.
  • Maximum effective payload: 250 lbs.
  • Optional electronic hit-reactive, Stop/Stop-drop 3D Manikin Mike target function.
  • Optional mounts for surveillance cameras, IED search and destroy missions, portable lighting systems, mobile phones (for hostage negotiations), fire-back and pyro systems, etc.
  • All terrain mover. Designed to operate on unimproved, “off road” range sites, climb over low obstacles, negotiate brush, tall grass, loose gravel, soft soil, etc.
  • Ideal for use on improved range sites, Hogan’s Alleys, UACs, MOUTs, combat villages, sniper training, unimproved pathways and roadways, and limited undulating terrain.
  • MTBC: 4 hours + with 4-12 volt, 7.5AH solid state rechargeable batteries.
  • Easy battery replacement for extended run times.
  • Target mounts for military E, F, IVAN, Manikin Mike 3DHT,steel reactive plates and standard law enforcement target backers.
  • Ruggedized, all steel construction.
  • All steel gearing.
  • Field serviceable with “plug and play” components.
  • All weather performance.
  • MILES capable.
  • Low price; a COTS product under GSA contract.


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