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Moving Target (MT-72 Rover)

ATS Go anywhere/train anywhere ruggedized MT-72 Rover Moving Target two wheel drive moving target system.

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ATS Targets go anywhere/train anywhere ruggedized MT-72 Rover Moving Target. Comparable to our MT-74 Ranger Moving Target, the MT-72 is a robotic 2WD moving target system. For this reason, it is designed to add a real-life environment that your tactical team might encounter in the field. So, the MT-72 Rover Moving Target system is ideal for off-road backcountry training. And it has either a stand-alone option or can be mounted on a movable/reconfigurable track. Above all, the MT-72 is versatile, portable, and high quality.

  • Versatile.
  • Turns on a 360° radius.
  • Optional mounts for surveillance cameras, mobile phones (for hostage negotiations), fire back and pyro systems, etc.
  • Tracker guide wheel to follow customer-designed track layouts and a free-wheeling guide wheel for dynamic training courses.

Since the MT-72 is a COTS product, it is also low-cost.


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