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SKU: 40-50-105
MotoShot 3D Target Dropper

MotoShot 3D Target Dropper includes:

  • MotoShot Foldable Dropper Stand – Allows for compact and convenient storage
  • Hit Sensing, Hit Counting Magnetic Latching System, Fall Bracket and adapter post – Manikin can be quickly and easily re-set in just moments
  • Hit Reactive Sensor with quick connect – Re-usable and easy to install
  • 12 volt Quick Exchange Rechargeable Battery Pack – Quick connect, lightweight and easy in field install 12 volt Battery Pack Charger – Smart Charger will keep your battery in tip top condition
  • ON/OFF Switch

*Pictured with optional accessories

*3D Target sold separately  here




MotoShot™ 3D Target Dropper is ideal for Shoot Houses, MOUT Sites, Hogans Alleys or as stationary targets on an open range. The MotoShot 3D Target Dropper has hit sensing, hit counting technology and responds when struck by LIVE FIRE or LESS LETHAL rounds based on the number of hits programmed by the instructor. The “DROP-DIAL” allows the instructors to vary the target drop response from 1-10 hits. The MotoShot 3D Target Dropper uses the incredibly realistic Life Size or Half Size Plastic Manikins. For a hostage scenarios multiple manikins may be used.
The MotoShot 3D Target Dropper is lightweight, portable, battery powered and maintenance free.


  • Lightweight and can easily be carried by one person
  • Ideal for use on all range sites, Hogan’s, Alleys, MOUTs, combat villages, sniper training
  • Quick change battery pack replacement
  • Adaptable for multiple targets; 3D Lifelike, Torso, 3D Lifelike Body
  • Modular design allows in field adaptation for multiple targets
  • Standard Target Bracket for 2″x 2″ Posts – Allows for a Hostage Scenario as shown

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs


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