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Infantry Moving Target System (IMTS-15)

Infantry Moving Target System – Moving, pop-up, and turning target system – all in one

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Advanced Training Systems, Inc. (ATS) introduces the IMTS-15, Infantry Moving Target System with remote LOMAH* scoring capability. Mounted on a wireless, remote controlled moving platform, the IMTS-15 features the highly dependable PT-61 wireless tactical target system, along with the capability to add a LOMAH remote scoring system. In addition, the PT-61 portable tactical target system can be operated offline by wireless remote control as a stand-alone stationary tactical target with or without a LOMAH remote scoring system.

  • Programmable, remote controlled moving target scenarios
  • Variable speed range from a creep to 20 feet per second
  • Either standard pop up or Bi-Directional (for decision making) surprise target configurations
  • Remote electronic hit scoring standard on all PT-61 target systems
  • Accurate LOMAH (out to 1,000 meters) remote scoring system
  • Mobile LOMAH scoring system monitor for visual verification of each shot at each shooting position
  • Central computer control or handheld wireless micro-processor target control
  • Low price
  • LOMAH remote scoring systems powered by Oakwood Controls Corporation, York, PA



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