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SKU: TP5096

Guardian TS™ Gun Clearing Trap
  • Wt. 151 lbs
  • Unit height: 33.50″
  • AR500 Backing
  • Dura-Bloc insert
  • Granular Rubber



Tried and True

The Guardian TS™ Gun Clearing Trap is our most popular clearing traps in the Guardian line.  Long time use by Military & LE personnel is proof positive in the dependability of this device in clearing both handgun and rifle (up to .308 / 7.62). The trap is made with AR steel, Granulated Rubber and our proprietary Dura-Bloc material, the Guardian TS is built to take a hit and keep on ticking.


  • Handgun and rifle capable (7.62 / .308)
  • Rubber granular & Dura-Bloc materials fill the steel housing
  • Molded rubber opening prevents weapon scratching
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Integrated handles makes for easy handling
  • Wheels give the Guardian TS™ mobility
  • Pre-drilled holes on the base are provided for fixed mounting

Additional information

Weight 225 lbs

Guardian Clearing Traps Series

4 reviews for Guardian TS™ Gun Clearing Trap

  1. Harold Adams

    I have used one in my shop for a couple of years now. Love it!. No need to go to the range just to test function. Have not yet checked on insert material but appears to be fine. Would most certainly recommend this to anyone needing a safe place to function check or test fire. And takes up very little room in my shop.

  2. Travis

    We love ours. Great product and great investment.

  3. Anon

    There’s one at each of the guard posts I’ve been at for gate guard at fort hood, pretty small, light, and more portable than the clearing barrels at basic

  4. Andre Armour

    I have been waiting patiently for my opportunity to right a review in this gun trap. Not only is it hands down worth every penny the quality is phenomenal. It has saved me money and time and with that being said it has made me money. Years ago when I purchased this over 2/12 years at the theme of this review and I was going to buy the more expensive one because I thought more money the better. I’ll say the customer service support was amazing and save me money and pointed me in the right direction. When it was time to reorder supplies again very informative and helpful.

    If I had the space for a range I would use this company. They are just that good

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