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SKU: 90-15-054
ESCA-Tech D-Lead® Dry or Wet Skin Cleaner with Abrasive – 8 oz.

ESCA-Tech D-Lead® Wipe or Rinse Skin Cleaner loosens and lifts heavy metal dust, ink, grease and oil with or without water.  Apply to the skin then rub.  Wipe off with a clean, dry towel or rinse off with water.  Our waterless skin cleaner contains lanolin and natural organic oils to leave the the skin feeling clean and refreshed.

  • With Abrasive
  • 8 oz. Bottle



ESCA-Tech D-Lead® Dry or Wet Skin Cleaner with the added cleaning power of smooth scrubbers provides an extra cleaning boost to clean the toughest heavy metal dusts, contaminants, dirt, oils, inks and embedded grease with or without water. Apply to the skin and rub. Wipe off with a clean dry towel or rinse off with water. The scrubbers have been carefully selected to be smooth and round to avoid micro cuts and skin abrasion while lanolin and natural organic oils are added to moisturize and refresh the skin.

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