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SKU: 70-30-005

18 inch Shotgun Shell Collector

  • 18″ wide pick up width
  • Will retrieve shotgun shells, and wads from .410 to 10gauge.
  • Removable basket for quick and easy shell disposal
  • Maintenance free


18-inch Shotgun model will retrieve shotgun shells, and wads from .410 to 10 gauge. Our shotgun machines will pick up 10 gauge, 12 gauge, 16 gauge, 20 gauge, 28 gauge, and .410 gauge. It has a pick-up width of 18 inches. The basket, ejector fingers and brackets have all been re-engineered for a better Ammo-Up. Our machines have a removable basket for quick and easy shell and wad disposal. When the basket is removed from the machine you are able to dispose of shells to any desired container. Ideal surfaces are concrete, carpet, dirt, sand, and grass up to 4-inches long. Our shotgun shell collectors are built to last so there is little to no maintenance..

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Weight 26 lbs


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