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TIAB T-80 (Tank-In-A-Bag)

T-80 Tank-In-A-Bag (TIAB) Target System

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The T-80 Tank-In-A-Bag (TIAB) Target System is a 3D tank simulator, an interactive 3D decoy, and a mobile 3D target with either simulated or live-fire exercises. It is full-scale and lightweight. This system is radar reflective yet allows the wind to pass through the fabric and frame so that the target stays in place.

  • 2-man portable and deployable
  • Easily transported in light-duty vehicles
  • Quick set-up and placement in minutes
  • All-weather “pass-through” fabric with a sturdy aluminum framework
  • Accurate full-scale visual fidelity
  • Realistic, long-lasting thermal signatures
  • Millimeter Wave (MMW) detectable
  • Use with Tank Weapon Gunnery Simulation System (TWGSS) and Precision Gunnery System (PGS)
  • Affordable


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