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Sim-Tact™ 80

Sim-Tact 80™

Range Systems Sim-Tact™ Shoot Houses can be easily set-up and taken-down with minimum effort (no special tools or additional equipment are required). The entire system can be compactly stored, moved to other locations, reconfigured or extended.

Coupled with innovative options like sound, lightweight furniture, cameras and lighting systems, highly immersive training environments can be quickly and cost-effectively built.

Sim-Tact™ Shoot Houses are designed to be safely used with Simunition® or marking rounds and can be fitted with breachable windows and doors, providing a wide variety of service training scenarios.


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Sim-Tact™ 80 Includes
64 Simulator Structure Standard Panel
8 Simulator Structure Door Panel
8 Simulator Structure Window Panel
Connecting Bracket Package-per 10 panels
Corner Posts


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