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SKU: 50-30-041
Shoot / No Shoot Target Assortment (25 Pack)
  • Pack includes an assortment of (25) double sided paper targets
  • Each pack includes (5) different threat images x (5) each for a total of (25) shooting targets
  • Clear, vibrant, full color image printed on bright white 70 lbs. paper
  • Overall size of each target measures 23″x35″


*Estimated 2-3 week lead time from purchase. Product ships directly from supplier, separate from any other products on your order. 



The front side of each target shows a person holding a gun in a neutral position with their finger on the trigger. The back image is the same as the front except the person is holding a nonthreatening object like a cell phone or water bottle. These high resolution, photo realistic targets will greatly enhance your training experience.

This target was designed for two primary purposes:

1) For Use on Turning Target Systems
This double sided paper target is perfect for conducting shoot / no-shoot drills on turning target systems by forcing the trainee to quickly determine if the subject poses a threat.

2) For Use on Static Target Stands
The front side of the target (threat image) serves as a great tool for everyday training. The modern, life size, photo-realistic image includes subdued FBI-Q scoring lines with precision strike zones in the head and chest.

The back side of the target (no-shoot image) allows instructors to quickly and easily integrate innocent bystanders into their training exercises. These “no-shoot” targets can be placed in front and behind steel or paper targets that the trainee will be engaging. Placing innocent bystander targets down range, behind the threat, forces the trainee to be responsible for every shot fired.  Placing these targets in the foreground requires the trainee to consider his position in relation to the suspect and may require movement to obtain an angle that allows a clear shot.


Paper: 70 lb. bright white
Size: 23″x35″
Image: Full Color

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 7 × 7 in


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