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SKU: HM0042
Premium Steel Caulk Gun, Bulk and Sausage Cartridge Adhesive Applicator
  • Our premium calk gun
  • Caulk capacities: Bulk, 10 and 20 ounce sausages and 10ounce cartridges
  • Mechanical advantage: 12:1
  • Application method: Manual
  • Low – medium viscosity sealant emission
  • Wear compensating device
  • Built in ladder hook
  • A universal caulking tool that dispenses a wide variety of sealants, adhesives, urethanes and other caulking
  • Light weight aluminum barrel
  • Durable full size handle designed for comfort and efficient dispensing of caulk
  • Includes three yellow cone nozzles, spanner wrench tool,interchangeable pull handle and a quick release end cap



This single component caulking gun is universally designed to accommodate cartridges, sausages, and bulk loading of your preferred caulk. The gun also includes various plungers for both cartridge and sausage applications. The mechanical advantage is 12:1 and includes a switchable caulk flow control. This caulking tool comes with a wear compensating device, a light weight aluminum barrel that rotates so you can approach those hard to reach areas, a plunger extension that will limit caulk waste, an interchangeable pull handle, a quick release end cap, a ladder hook, three yellow cone nozzles, and a spanner wrench.

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Weight 5 lbs


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