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Moving Target with Stop-Drop (M-145 Renegade+)

The M-145 “Renegade” is a 360° all-wheel-drive moving target system with Stop-Drop Option.

All-terrain mover. Designed to operate on improved rang sites. Ideal for use on any improved range sites, Hogan’s Alleys, UACs, MOUTs, combat villages, sniper training, unimproved pathways and roadways, and limited undulating terrain. Easy battery replacement for extended run times. Target mounts for military E, F, and IVAN, Manikin Mike 3D and standard law enforcement target backers.

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The M-145 all-wheel drive moving target system features: Includes Manikin Mike™ hit reactive 3DHT Target WITH Stop-Drop capability. 24 Volt battery charging system. Lightweight aluminum construction (45 lbs.); Low profile (7″” platform deck). Fits in a car trunk. Quick, highly maneuverable, with running man speeds to 10 feet per second. Turns 360° on its own radius. Emulates any running pattern (e.g., “”dog legs””, circles, eights, “”S”” curves, straightaways, etc.). Runs great on concrete, asphalt, gravel, grass, light terrain, etc.

Handheld 2.4 GHz “”pistol grip”” WIRELESS transmitter (range to 1000 meters). Multi-Target Moving Platform: Replace the Manikin Mike™ with paper or plastic 3D targets including 3D animal targets (e.g., running boar, bear, deer, coyote, etc.).

Multi-mission moving platform: Use for such diverse tasks as cargo carrying, remote surveillance, bomb disposal, remote pyro pad, hostage negotiations, unlimited uses.



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