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SKU: 40-50-136
Bi-Directional Target Turner

Effective firearms training requires more that simply shooting at stationary targets. MotoShotTM Target Turner can instantly turn paper targets right or left forcing shooters to quickly determine between a friend for foe. The duration of the turn can be manually controlled or pre programmed to specific intervals.

Ballistic Target Turner Target System includes:

MotoShot commercial grade Target Turner

Key fob style wireless remote

1 12 volt Quick Exchange Rechargeable Battery Packs

1 12 volt Quick Connect Battery Charger

1″ x 2″ post pockets with stabilizing thumb screws

* May be retro fit to MotoShot Moving Target Systems


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MotoShot Target Turning Target System:
• Does not require compressed air or external AC power.
• Lightweight, compact, completely portable and nearly maintenance free.
• System is wireless and operated via a handheld 2 button keyfob style remote with a 300 meter range.
• Multiple units may be controlled simultaneously via one remote.
• Collapses down to 32” x 10” x 6” and deploys in just minutes.
• Commercial grade servo with all metal gears.
• Quick exchange 12 volt rechargeable battery pack for super simple “in-field” replacement, no tools required.
• 1000’s of cycles on just one charge for zero downtime.
• Can be used on indoor or outdoor ranges.
• 1 x 2 inches post pockets with stabilizing thumb screws.
• Create random or timed facings via handheld wireless remote.


Additional information

Weight 25 lbs


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