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Effective firearms training requires more that simply shooting at stationary targets. MotoShotTM Target Turner can instantly turn paper targets right or left forcing shooters to quickly determine between a friend for foe. The duration of the turn can be manually controlled or pre programmed to specific intervals.

Ballistic Target Turner Target System includes:

MotoShot commercial grade Target Turner

Key fob style wireless remote

1 12 volt Quick Exchange Rechargeable Battery Packs

1 12 volt Quick Connect Battery Charger

1″ x 2″ post pockets with stabilizing thumb screws

* May be retro fit to MotoShot Moving Target Systems



MotoShot Target Turning Target System:
• Does not require compressed air or external AC power.
• Lightweight, compact, completely portable and nearly maintenance free.
• System is wireless and operated via a handheld 2 button keyfob style remote with a 300 meter range.
• Multiple units may be controlled simultaneously via one remote.
• Collapses down to 32” x 10” x 6” and deploys in just minutes.
• Commercial grade servo with all metal gears.
• Quick exchange 12 volt rechargeable battery pack for super simple “in-field” replacement, no tools required.
• 1000’s of cycles on just one charge for zero downtime.
• Can be used on indoor or outdoor ranges.
• 1 x 2 inches post pockets with stabilizing thumb screws.
• Create random or timed facings via handheld wireless remote.


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Weight 25 lbs


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