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Fortress™ Customizable Lane Divider
Fortress™ Customizable Lane Divider

• Fully customizable from floor to ceiling
• Available in various price points and sizes
• Easily integrated into current range layouts
• Designed for performance and built for safety

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Fortress™ Shooting Stalls provide a fully customizable option for your Shooting Range.  Constructed using a combination of Dura-Panel™ ballistic rubber and AR steel plate, the Fortress™ Shooting Stalls offer a stylish and safe option.  The built-in shooting table is finished with a polymer top for surface durability and gun stock protection.  The underside of the shooting table includes a storage shelf for ammunition, magazines, and range bags.   

Designed for performance and built for safety, the shooting stall is fully customizable from floor to ceiling and is available in different sizes so that it can easily be integrated into new or existing range layouts.

Customized shooting stall options: 

  • Adjustable brass guard
  • Indicator lights
  • Caution strap
  • Deluxe shooters bench
  • Coat hooks
  • Branded accent lights
  • Target controls
  • Optional shield/shoot around brackets
  • Overhead LED Lighting
  • Cladding treatments
    • Stacked stone
    • Brushed steel
    • Weathered wood
    • Ballistic glass
    • Custom coloring


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