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SKU: 70-30-011
Ammo-Up COMPACT™ Shotgun Shell Collector

Ammo-Up Compact™ Shotgun Shell Collector

  • Will pick up The Ammo-Up COMPACT™ will easily collect anddischargeshells, and wads from .410 to 10 gauge.
  • Maintenance free
  • Ideal surfaces are concrete, carpet, dirt, sand, and grassup to4-inches long.





The Ammo-Up COMPACT™ Shotgun Shell collector is designed with the individual shooter in mind. Being affordable, transportable, and effective. It is engineered to pick up, and eject spent ammunition without bending over. It’s hands off technology, allows you to easily collect and discharge casings, eliminating bending over and minimizing contact with lead dust. The Ammo-Up COMPACT™ will easily collect and discharge shells, and wads from .410 to 10 gauge.

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Weight 4 lbs


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