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Something special happens when local company partnerships are formed. When businesses around the community can come together to help solve their individual challenges, everyone wins.

In 2014, The Modern Sportsman was created out of Prior Lake, MN. Formed literally in-house, the operation consisted of online gun and ammunitions sales. In 2016 they moved to a larger retail setting. The company grew their retail business as well as online to the point this space was out-grown. The search for a new location combined with the Modern Sportsman’s customers interest in trying the guns prior to purchasing, receiving professional training which all led to intrigue about developing a potential shooting range. Not only would this appease customers, but also could add another potential growth opportunity for their business.

“Our first priority in establishing our new range was finding the right location,” said Tom Baker, Vice President of the Modern Sportsman. “After about a year of searching, we discovered our perfect location in Burnsville, Minnesota.”

Once picking a location, The Modern Sportsman knew they needed to partner with the right organization to help provide the product and design recommendations for their range. The Modern Sportsman was new to the range game. Their success in this area of the industry would hinge on receiving the right help.


Despite experiencing great success in gun and ammunition sales , building a range was new territory for them. A partner who could provide guidance and the right products for their first commercial gun range was crucial. After recommendations from four companies, The Modern Sportsman eventually decided to partner with Range Systems

When deciding to partner with Range Systems, a few characteristics stuck out to The Modern Sportsman. Location was key. Having a local provider meant a great deal to them as this was their first range. Quality was also important. Quality of the carriers, turning target features, one-touch keypads and more. With a quality range, a cornerstone of The Modern Sportsman’s business would firmly be in place. Additionally, having an aesthetically appealing space was important.

“Manufacturing safe and durable range environments is what we do,” said Brad Ross, director of brand marketing, Range Systems. “It meant a lot to us to be chosen as their range solutions provider, because we view each project as a partnership, and having them right here in our own backyard was special.”

Additionally, it was felt that Range Systems had the potential to be a long-term partner to The Modern Sportsman and that they had their best interests in mind. Specifically, it was felt that Range Systems wasn’t trying to oversell the Modern Sportsman on items they didn’t need. Specific solutions for the specific range.


Once the partnership was formed, Range Systems hit the ground running, becoming involved in every aspect of the range. After reviewing the architecture of The Modern Sportsman’s range, special recommendations were made, such as removing a five-foot corridor behind the range. This move allowed for more retail space, significantly improving the flow of the space and allowing for additional merchandise to be sold onsite.

From design to installation, Range Systems was there. Working with The Modern Sportsman and contractors, it was on Range Systems to ensure everything went smoothly. Throughout installation, frequent visits to Burnsville were made to make sure the range was being built accordingly.


The range was built on budget and ahead of schedule. Now that it’s complete, The Modern Sportsman has opened for business to tremendous success.

“They really helped us open on-schedule,” said Baker. “When we unexpectedly had a target carrier electronics damaged in the ventilation installation we needed this repaired quickly, they were quick to troubleshoot the issue and send a part from Canada to ensure we got the range running and opened on time. They really were our partners.”

In total, Range Systems provided the Modern Sportsman’s range with:

16 lanes
Two turning targets
Clear dividers
Ballistic rubber

With the range up-and-running, all products are meeting and exceeding expectations. In fact, some of the range’s features have led to The Modern Sportsman selling memberships – a huge income generator for the range.

“Range Systems had a big say in everything to do with this range,” said Baker. “If we build another range in the future, they’ll be our first call.”

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