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Frequently Asked Question

How much does a commercial shooting range cost is one of our most asked questions. When we start to talk about costs its important to keep two things in mind, Dollars vs Value and Cost vs Revenue.

Dollars vs Value represents the amount of money you spend for what you get. Cost vs Revenue is the thought of how you’ll make back all the money you put into your shooting range.


Reasons Ranges Fail

Owning a shooting range is a huge investment. By knowing common reasons ranges fail before you start you can avoid these issues altogether and run a successful range.

One of the most common reasons we see ranges fail is owners don’t keep enough money in reserve during the build. To hear more about this topic tune into our highlight video.


The Variety of Options

Like a vehicle, there are many different options available to purchase. Making sure you have the right features integrated into your range for your target market is key.

To hear a variety of options and a more in-depth explanation of this concept refer to How Much Does A Commercial Shooting Range Cost


Finding Your Revenue Generation

Finding a focus for your range is key in generating good revenue. You should decide what you want to specialize in at your range.

Some examples of things you could specialize in are firearm sales, lane rental, and training courses.


Why You Might Upgrade


One range operator with goals to increase lane rental time might want to add turning targets to keep people shooting longer, while another range owner who focuses on gun sales for revenue shouldn’t do the same.


Common Upgrades

Above are some common upgrades that we see for range owners. Again, upgrades shouldn’t be based solely on what you want, but instead, whats going to make you money.


Installation of A Commercial Shooting Range

The installation will depend on your range provider. For examples of some different options, we’ll share the options Range Systems offers.

At Range Systems we offer three options. We allow you to buy only supplies and don’t provide a contractor, we provide the supplies with an onsite manager to help all the plans go smoothly, or we do full installs where we have our contractors turn every nut and bolt for you



For a very basic, 10 lane range, with a granular rubber trap, safety ceiling, and a ventilation package. You can expect the price tag to be around $350,000, or approximately $3,500 per lane. This price does not reflect the installation costs. An installation of this type of range can add 25% more to the current price, with the cost possibly going to 30% more if there are any issues with access to the range.


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