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Don’t have time to watch the full webinar replay? Check out our highlight video of “How Do I Build A Home Indoor Shooting Range?”

In this webinar, Joe Bricko and Randall Mendenhall discuss the process of building a Home Indoor Shooting Range and give a general cost estimate for all the components involved.




Where to Put Your New Range

Identifying a good space for your range is key to the process and should be your first step. This sets the pace for the rest of the building process. Making sure you have good access is an important factor in determining a good space.


Building New

When building new, it’s important to connect your architect with your range provider. A good relationship between the two will make the process go a lot smoother.

In the highlight video, Joe also talks about important specifications you should keep in mind when designing your range.


Building Into Existing

The Box-within-the-Box concept is the most important takeaway from building into existing. You want a completely sealed space to have the safest range possible.

Access points are also an important thing to consider when building in existing. Some components of a shooting range are large and you need good access for a smooth build.



Each place you build a range will have unique permitting law. The most common permitting issue we run into is related to sound.

The most important thing to remember is due diligence is recommended to avoid any issues.


Determining Needs and Budget

When building your Home Indoor Shooting Range you have the possibility to create a premium range with all the bells and whistles or just doing something simple. It’s important to recognize your needs and budget from the start so your range provider can get you what you’re looking for.



Good ventilation is commonly overlooked in home ranges but is an important component. Two important points to highlight is that first: your range ventilation shouldn’t be connected to the ventilation of the rest of the house.

Second: You don’t want to blow air down range, instead, you want to draw it down range.



The price of a Home Indoor Shooting Range can vary from $10,000 for a simple bullet trap set up, to a couple hundred thousand dollars for a premium home range with all the bells and whistles. Typically, we set a price point around $60,000 for most home indoor ranges. 

You can hear more on how we got to this price point in the highlight video or full replay video.


Key Takeaways

Here we give you the key takeaways from the video “How Do I Build A Home Indoor Shooting Range”

For more information than shown above, watch our highlight video!

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Thanks for reading and we’ll see you on the range.





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