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Don’t have time to watch the full webinar replay? Check out our highlight of “Back From The Brink: 3 Takeaways For Improving Your Commercial Shooting Range Plan”.



In this webinar, Brad Ross and Randall Mendenhall discuss the importance of planning early during the process of building a commercial shooting range.


A Case Study We Can All Learn From

For our webinar Back to The Brink, we decided to look at a real case study where we helped a customer save money by improving his commercial shooting range plan.


Determining Customer Goals

In discussing the case study, Brad found out what the customer was looking for and discovered the need to move quickly, as winter was moving quickly before them.


Finding Flaws In Planning

There were a few issues that were caught in the planning that was done by a different range company that Brad wanted to fix. The first being improper sizing of lanes in the range, along with not leaving enough space for all the proposed equipment.


Changing Focus to Value and Taking Action

Brad took the focus off rushing the job and made sure the customer was getting what they really wanted. He made revisions to the original plan and by doing this he was able to add aspects to the range the customer wanted but previously couldn’t afford. Along with this Brad saved the customer over $100,000.


Key Takeaways

This case study helped Range Systems learn a lot about the industry, and helped us develop good goals for our customers in the future.

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