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Don’t have time to watch the full webinar replay? Check out our highlight of “Advance Law Enforcement Training With Tactical Sidewalls”.



In this webinar, Randall Mendenhall and Brandon LaBelle talk about the training possibilities with tactical sidewalls. Along with this, they give examples on how training with tactical sidewalls will keep your officers safe and help them become more proficient in the field.


Real Life Movement

By training in ways that gets officers to practice real-life movement, you can give your officers more preparation for situations they may encounter in the field. By doing this you can have more peace of mind with them getting home safe at night.


Traditional Fixed Position Training

Typically police departments practice traditional training methods. Most often this is fixed position training with limited movement, something that would rarely happen out in the field.


Multi-Directional Training

Multi-Directional live fire training makes much more sense for law enforcement. When applied to real-life situations it encourages proficiency.


Realities of A Shoot House

The best type of training you could have would take place in a shoot house. However, shoot houses are extremely costly and most law enforcement agencies just don’t have the budget for one. The good thing is, there is a much cheaper alternative that allows you to sharpen the same skills. The alternative would be investing in tactical sidewalls.


What Are Tactical Sidewalls?

Tactical sidewalls are walls covered in ballistic rubber, backed by AR500 steel that you are able to fire into at distance or at point blank.

For more technical details and a more in-depth, description see the highlight video or Advance Law Enforcement Training With Tactical Sidewalls.


Application of Tactical Sidewalls

Tactical sidewalls can be applied to existing ranges or be built in a new range. If you install tactical sidewalls in a range with a granular rubber trap you will have 270 degrees of live fire possibilities.

For videos showing the capabilities and training possibilities of a tactical range feel free to visit our YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/RangeSystems1


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