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Does your law enforcement agency have the ability to train off the mark? If not, you’re missing out on the opportunity to train your department in ways that can keep them safer and be more productive in the field. In our second webinar of October we decided to discuss the benefits that Range Systems has the ability to provide law enforcement agencies with our tactical sidewalls.



Before we start, it’s important to know that all of the training we’re talking about is only applicable to Range Systems ballistic rubber. When working with other range providers you need to ask questions to make sure your getting the quality rubber you’re looking for. Asking questions about track record for rubber, U.S. testing standards, and patents is key to making an informed buying decision.

Real Life Movement vs Traditional Fixed Position Training

Better training for your department is a must in today’s world. It gives your officers more competency in the field and ensures that they make it home safe every night. The issue is; most police departments only qualify once or twice a year in a fixed position range. Most officers would agree it’s not sufficient for actual scenarios.

With multi-directional live fire training, officers are able to train in a way that can be applied to real life situations. Multi-directional training emphasizes movement in all direction and getting off the mark. This is a way better approach to training that translates to proficiency in the field.

Cost Effective Alternative To Shoot House

When talking with different law enforcement agencies, one of the items that’s on the top of their list a multi-level shoot house. While we are able to provide planning and build these shoot houses, they may be out of budget for some agencies. An alternative to a shoot house that is cost effective but still gives the department the ability to do advanced training is a live fire range with tactical side walls.

So, what are tactical sidewalls?

Walls covered in ballistic rubber, backed by AR500 steel that you are able to fire into at distance or at point blank. It is better to instal tactical sidewalls when building a new range but can also be added to an existing range. You also have the ability to install them indoors or outdoors. Tactical sidewalls give you the ability to shoot in various directions within a space without having to worry about ricochets or back splatter. With tactical sidewalls through Range Systems, we give the option of acoustic dampening sidewalls or traditional ballistic rubber.

Applications of Tactical Sidewalls

If you install tactical sidewalls in a range with a granular rubber trap you will have 270 degrees of live fire possibilities. Like I said before, you have the ability to shoot into tactical sidewalls at any distance, or point blank.

For videos showing the capabilities and training possibilities of a tactical range feel free to visit our YouTube channel at

Key takeaways and additional information

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