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Ventilation Systems

In order to provide you with top of the line solutions for your ventilation needs, we have partnered with companies that have vast experience in the shooting range industry. Proper ventilation is a crucial component to ensuring safe air quality for shooters and staff.

Air Quality

We offer 2 complete turnkey ventilation packages that include all of the necessary equipment needed to run and maintain your system. Whether you are building a new range, or retrofitting an existing space, we can design a ventilation system to suit your needs.

There are many different types and designs for range ventilation depending on the activities going on in the range, what calibers are going to be shot, whether heat and/or A/C is needed. No matter what your circumstances are, the main points of a ventilation design are to:

  • Provide clean air to the shooter.
  • Provide smooth airflow into the range.
  • Provide clean air to the target.
  • Create negative air pressure downrange to draw the air away from the shooter.
  • Keep the range as clean as possible.
  • Keep the air in the shooter’s personal breathing zones clean.
  • Comply with all U.S. Environmental Protection Agency standards.

Our Ventilation Systems

Our ventilation systems exceed OSHA, EPA and NIOSH air quality standards. For years, indoor shooting ranges have had less than adequate air quality resulting in health issues. This is primarily due to poor ventilation design. To ensure that you get the design that best fits your range, please contact us for more details and a consultation.