Shooting Lane Dividers

Ranges that have a fixed firing line typically are equipped with shooting lane dividers. Range Systems shooting stalls organize the firing line into defined shooting positions, provide a location for mounting individual target controls, and offer a shelf for shooters to use.

Fabricated from ballistic steel plate and covered with Dura-Panel™ ballistic rubber, Pro-Tacts™ shooting stalls provide protection from adjacent shooting positions by minimizing side blast interference reducing the hazard of misdirected shots. This provides a very safe environment when on the firing line.

Another model offered by Range Systems is the Clearview shooting stall which provides an open view of the firing line. This is particularly important in ranges when the range master must monitor and observe the shooting activity at the firing line. The open view is provided by bullet proof glass and is offered in both pistol and rifle rated options.


The premium shooting stall that we offer at Range Systems gives you the best of both worlds. Our Pro-View™ provides you the benefits of our Clearview design in addition to the privacy and safety provided by our standard Pro-Tacts design.

Range Systems will custom design a shooting stall to your specific requirements. Some options include:

  • Shooting Shelves
  • Barricades
  • Safety Gates
  • Rifle Rests
  • Logo Etching in glass

The proper lane dividers for your range can dramatically improve the perception and reality of the safety and quality of the range. People will enjoy shooting in their own “private” stall, and can do so with the confidence that they are safe from neighboring shooters. We can help whether you are building a new shooting range or retrofitting your current facility.