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Range Systems designs and manufactures training systems and equipment for live-fire shooting environments. We work with our channel partners to deliver dynamic and realistic live-fire training solutions for customers around the world.


When your training requires more than punching paper at the end of a range, you need tactical-based training systems that are designed specifically to prepare military personnel and federal agents for the challenges they face. 
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Range System’s shoot houses with our patented ballistic rubber Dura-Panel are custom-designed and purpose-built to provide increased safety and the widest variety of realistic live-fire training opportunities for optimum mission-critical training. When it comes to the importance of realistic and dynamic training environments, Range Systems has the solutions you want and need. In keeping our soldier’s safe, a proper training facility that prepares them for real life situations is paramount. Our shoot houses offer a variety of unique options and scenarios for urban operations training that include:

  • 360° Firing
  • Tactical Movement
  • Breaching
  • Target Engagement
  • Target Discrimination
  • Real-Time & Real-Distance Replication
  • A Variety of Custom Options


The shooting activity of a firing range can vary from basic marksmanship shooting to sophisticated tactical operations training. Whether you are planning a range with a static firing line or one that provides a dynamic move and shoot training environment, our equipment and systems support both types of shooting ranges.
Our inclusive product line has everything required to equip a live-fire firearms facility, including several models of bullet traps, a full complement of ballistic baffles and acoustic systems, shooting dividers and target retrieval systems.



Our inclusive product line has everything required to equip a live-fire firearms facility, including several models of bullet traps, a full complement of ballistic baffles and acoustic systems, shooting dividers and target systems.


Target Retrieval System

Fixed Overhead Turning Target System

Running Man Target System

Our target retrieval system is a cable propelled targeting system designed for reliable positioning, ease of operation, and maintenance. Range Systems offers 3 versions to ensure your budget and training requirements  are met. 

The Fixed Overhead Turning Target System is a dynamic decision making product that is primarily used in tactical training environments. The system is designed for fixed down range targets to be networked together and controlled with a master control screen to form an integrated target system

Running Man Target System is a lateral moving target that provides a dynamic training environment to advance decision making skills. It is available in single or dual running man modes.


Range Systems Sim-Tact Shoot Houses can be quickly and easily reconfigured to provide a continuously challenging simulation environment.  Trainers can create hundreds of different layouts within each model. This will ensure all training objectives can be met. 


Selected International Project References

  • New Zealand –50m indoor range, 20m indoor range, multiple shoot house rooms
  • Singapore –Police 100m range, 25m range and multiple shoot house rooms
  • Bahrain –NSA 35m indoor range
  • Yemen –7 room shoot house
  • UAE –private shooting range
  • Dubai –4 room shoot house
  • Jordan –Royal Guard 25m range
  • Egypt –Cairo 20m pistol range
  • Brazil –14 room shoot house
  • Mexico –Shoot house
  • Colombia –shoot house
  • Estonia –shoot house
  • Kazakhstan –4 room shoot house
  • Germany  -Hoenfeldsshoot house
  • Taiwan –Taipei police indoor range


We have teamed with industry leaders in manufacturing, integration, and training to deliver relevant and complete live-fire training solutions for customers around the world. Range Systems equipment and systems conform to different environments, infrastructures, and operational procedures.

Al Azimah for Technology is specialized in the Defense and Security sectors. We provide logistical support, management of training programs, strategic security consultations and the implementation of military and security projects. Additionally, the company provides professional expertise in the construction management and integration of live‐fire and simulation shooting ranges. We supply weaponry, military ammunition, tactical apparel, accessories, day and night optics and body armor manufactured by the world’s most renowned international companies.

Al Azimah exclusively represents international companies specialized in the counter‐terrorism sector that deliver direct training for Military Agencies and Non‐Governmental Organizations (NGOs).

JKB Daira Inc. has continued to provide reliable services since its inception in 1987, backed by expertise and experiences of Special Forces and law enforcement agencies of the United States and Japan. We are a U.S. company, and composed of retired military and law enforcement officials, who provide a unique service which other companies simply can not.

Over 10 years JL KAYA, Inc has built its reputation on the consistent delivery of quality, innovation and service. Today that capability has been totally transformed into supporting our armed forces. From military uniforms, tactical gear, to body armor vest.

M-3 is one of the leading companies in Indonesia that offers special services for the Indonesian Military, including communication systems and weapon systems. Established in 2002, M-3 is an official defence industry company under the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Indonesia. M-3 has been working with the Indonesian Government and Military, providing specific professional services with the highest quality standard.

MARCOTEC is the leading company active in Morocco for delivering a complex military projects. They delivered a several projects as shooting & trainning infrastructures, Military plateforms retrofit , equipments maintenace & support,..Their multidisciplinary team of engineers and developers continues to grow their competences to meet the needs of their customers.

Multiple Resources Trading Company was established in 1999 in Amman, Jordan. Our primary business was in Military and Para-Military supplies and started at that time to provide Jordan Armed Forces and security agencies with different ammunitions and accessories such as rifle scopes and night vision systems.
In 2007, MRT introduced Civil Contracting service to our business portfolio to provide a total solution for our customers through one professional Company especially for highly classified locations where governmental entities prefer well known and security cleared companies to be in charge of.

Founded in 2010 by Kazakhstani Yakov Dvoretskiy and his US partner Mr. Todd Abney, Sunrise Defense Kazakhstan was created to build a company that conducts business that follows Western business standards. We started as Taser International authorized distributor for the Republic of Kazakhstan and after initial success we had been asked by the customers to grow our portfolio so we learnt about Kazakhstan market current and future demands and were able to build a portfolio of the products and services that meet modern defense challenges.


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