Based upon a legacy of innovative design achievements, Range Systems developed SMASH™, a modular and expandable shoot house that meets the demand for deployable, non-permanent live fire training structures. Utilizing standard parts and modular components, SMASH offers a ballistically secure shooting facility that is rapidly deployed, requires virtually no maintenance, and is adaptable to your training requirements. SMASH components are interchangeable and reconfigurable to easily create different layouts  without the need for heavy material handling equipment. Like all Range Systems shoot houses, SMASH endures extreme live firing and requires minimal maintenance which translates into more training time and less expense. In fact, due to its affordability and modular design, SMASH is frequently procured with military OPA funds and qualifies as a non-permanent structure for government funding purposes.
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  • Interchangeable & Reconfigurable
  • Ballistically Secure
  • Rapidily Deployable

  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Non-permanent Strucutre
  • Modular


SMASH offers a flexible live fire structure that can be used as an individual training facility or as part of an entire live-fire village created with multiple SMASH units. Our proprietary bolt-together design allows SMASH to be erected quickly permitting training to commence much sooner than other standard shoot house designs. SMASH can be reconfigured to provide multiple floor plans for realistic and changing urban operations training scenarios and is easily dismantled for transport to alternate sites.


Safe Training Environment

Range Systems proprietary Dura-Panel™ ballistic rubber panels are used in the wall construction of the SMASH shoot house. This material has passed testing conducted by the US Army Picatinny Arsenal Armament Test Facility for ricochet and penetration against the military 5.56mm M855 Steel Core Penetrator round. Secured directly to AR500 steel to fortify ballistic containment, Dura-Panel removes the hazards of ricochet, splatter, and shoot-through. To ensure a 360 degree training environment, SMASH construction includes a dual external wall seam plate system to provide continuous ballistic protection for your shoot house training.