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SKU: 40-90-101

  • Interactive Games and Skill Builders
  • Shoot Any Firearms with NO MODIFICATIONS
  • Compete With Other Lanes
  • Easy To Use Touch-Screen User Interface
  • Responsive Moving and Static Targets
  • Install in 2 to 20 lanes
  • Video Presents up to 15′ Down Range
  • Available As A Laser System


*Minimum 2 lanes must be purchased, discounts available for more than 2 lanes orders.



Ti Outdoor’s V23 is the latest in dynamic and engaging lane-based live fire simulation. Offer your customers the unique experience to shoot running zombies or flying space orbs, all while using their own firearm.  The V23 equips each lane with a projector that presents video onto your existing target backer. V23 provides a new and fun shooter experience, with the feel of a video game. This exclusive life fire simulation offers a modern way to hold local tournaments and competitions, while allowing shooters to use their own firearm. The V23 is lane-based, meaning you don’t have to sacrifice multiple lanes to operate the system, each lane gets its own projector. Ti Outdoors is regularly developing new games, to keep your customers coming back.


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