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Level 2 Training Target

  • 23″ x 35″
  • #50 cream paper
  • Training Silhouette designed by former 10 year veteran ofthe Navy Seals and founder of Sealed Mindset
  • Features chest (8.5″ x 11″) and head/ocular scoring with faint scoring lines that are designed to disappear at 7 yards
  • Additional sighting points designed for the most popular sights on the market today


This “Level 2” training target designed by Sealed Mindset takes the difficulty level up.  This is done by utilizing the same scoring zones as in the level 1 target (sku# 30-12-600), but incorporating only a faint scoring line to indicate a hit or a miss.  This faint line dissapears at distance forcing the shooter to use muscle memory and technique to score.  After shooting and inspecting the results, at close range the faint line will clearly show clear hits and misses.  Once the standard is met here, shooters can now move onto Level 3 (sku# 30-12-602).


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